Easy Butter Chicken

Yummmy, the recipe today is DELICIOUS!! Who likes Indian food? I love it, but there’s a problem, they use cumin in everything, and cumin is my “kryptonite”…hehe. Buut, I decided to solve this problem and make my own Butter Chicken at home, this way I could omit the cumin from the recipe. Guys, it wasRead more

Broccoli and Cheese Tots

Broccoli is a healthy food and it’s very important for our body. And this recipe is a delicious way to include it in your diet. Kids usually don’t like broccoli, but I guarantee that if you bake these tots for them, they will change their minds. This recipe is super easy, quick and deliciously healthy.Read more

Fluffy Pancakes

Yummy, yummy, yummy these pancakes are amazig!!! I’ve tried several others recipes for pancakes, but I always wanted one to was fluffy. And looking for a recipe on the internet I found this one. Simply delicious!!! There’s nothing better than a warm pancake, topped with lots of nutella, strawberries and whipped cream on top, OMG.Read more